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I have a team.  It’s a dam good one.  Dam Radio is a reference to the possibility Hoover Dam may be the doomsday machine recently retrofitted with gate portal technology developed by a cooperation between the French and Swiss in Geneva publicly known as CERN.   Like none other, I’m poised to expose the reality of the what, and how the powers of the secret societies have planned to bring about the New World Order.  We see valiant attempts to explain it, however, I feel I’m ready to bring it all together into a realistic painted image of the problem, but more importantly how we can emerge as a unified body of people that makes that mechanism of destruction come to a halt.  We have a chance.  I’d like for you to try our show and let us know if we have what it takes, or just the run of the millers.  I won’t let you down.

“Stones are a bridge between silicon and carbon base life forms” – Людин Рɣси

Science of Antediluvialogy

Antediluvialogy is a new field of study in the form of the true sciences being re-discovered by ancient civilizations researchers world wide.  This website leans toward a focus on the freshly discovered, in 2012, star pattern alignments of both ORION and PLEIADES within the Grand Canyon.  These stars align with the topmost altitude markers of the monuments popularly named after Egyptian and Asian gods & Pharaohs.  The last publicly published reference to an ancient civilization that found home within the Grand Canyon walls now exists the compelling base evidence that the entire system of buttes are ancient constructs, however in serious dilapidated condition.  This is why they appear natural when in fact, waters of an ancient ocean had finally receded taking with it the remnants of earth that once covered the pyramid metropolis.  This then founds a neo-formation theory of the area in which a river did not shape the environment, but instead revealed what previously existed.

Article & video showing Star alignment: 

Lost continent hidden in plain sight-Atlantis?

The Kaibab Plateau located in central Northern Arizona showcases a mysterious majestic city epic in size and proportion. While this city is officially referred to as a series of natural “Grand Canyon Monuments”, they are in fact precisely arranged pyramids towers and temples aligned to both the star and nebula pattern of ORION “The Hunter” and Pleiades constellations.

Lee Nevins Bracker has of the launch of over ten years of experience in investigative research and journalism and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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The Grand Canyon is the clue before the Great Flood

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